Marna P. Borgstrom

Marna P. Borgstrom
Chief Executive Officer

Richard D’Aquila

Richard D’Aquila

Thomas J. Balcezak, MD

Thomas J. Balcezak, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President

Executive/Senior Vice Presidents

Vincent Tammaro

Vincent Tammaro*
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

William J. Aseltyne

William J. Aseltyne*
Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and General Counsel

Keith Churchwell MD

Keith Churchwell, MD
Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Heart and Vascular Services

Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes
Senior Vice President, Operations

Abe Lopman

Abe Lopman
Senior Vice President, Operations and Executive Director, Smilow Cancer Hospital

Patrick McCabe

Patrick McCabe*
Senior Vice President, Finance

Kevin A. Myatt

Kevin A. Myatt*
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Thomas M. Newman

Thomas M. Newman*
Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance

Vincent P. Petrini

Vincent P. Petrini*
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Cynthia Sparer

Cynthia Sparer
Senior Vice President, Operations and Executive Director, Women’s and Children’s Services

Lisa Stump

Lisa Stump*
Senior Vice President, Technology Services, Chief Information Officer

Vice Presidents

Stephen Allegretto*
Vice President, Value Innovation and Shared Value Partnerships

Michael Angelini*
Vice President, Treasury

Stephen Carbery*
Vice President, Facilities Design, Construction, Real Estate Services

Michael Dimenstein*
Vice President, Compensation and Benefits

Marjorie Guglin, RN
Vice President, Clinical Project Management

Marianne Hatfield, RN
Vice President, Patient Services Children's Hospital and Women's Services

Robert B. Hutchison III*
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Richard Lisitano
Vice President, Administration

Francine LoRusso, RN
Vice President Patient Services, Heart and Vascular and Transplantation

Cathy Lyons, RN
Vice President Patient Services, Smilow Cancer Hospital

Susan Maxwell, RN
Vice President, Perioperative Services

Victor Morris, MD*
Vice President, Physician and Patient Access Services

Michael Schaffer
Vice President, Ambulatory Care

Ian Schwartz, MD*
Vice President, Care Management

Mark Sevilla, RN
Vice President Patient Services, Behavioral Health and Emergency Medicine

Kevin F. Walsh
Vice President, Development

Jovita Thomas-Williams
Vice President, Human Resources

Ena Williams, RN
Vice President, Patient Services, Interim Chief Nursing Officer

David Wurcel*
Vice President, Corporate Business Services

*YNHHS employees with significant YNHH roles